WordPress Problems, Unable To Edit WordPress Post in Firefox

I recently found that I could not edit two of my wordpress sites in Firefox – but luckily, I found a very quick fix – here is what happened.

After the recent update to WordPress 3.2.1, I started having problems editing two of my sites in the latest version of Firefox. I could get into the edit post screen but I could not view the ‘Visual’ editing box, only the html, I could not add images and could not log out in the usual place in the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, only by going to view the site by clicking on the site name at the top of the editing screen and choosing logout from the wordpress menu bar that runs along the top of the screen.

Wordpress problems

Nothing I tried worked and I could not find an answer online but luckily, I was able to get this answer from a friend with more experience of wordpress.

“IT sounds to me like some CSS files may have been overwritten during the last WordPress upgrade….Can you try logging into you wp-admin from Firefox and then doing a ctrl + f5 refresh twice in a row to see if that clears it up?”

I followed these instructions for the first site. I found that all functionality in editing had been restored except I still could not view the ‘Visual’ editing pane. I repeated the ctrl + f5 and all was restored to normal. I repeated the procedure and found that this time, I could view the ‘Visual’ editing pane but it was displaying html, not text and images as it should. I repeated the ctrl + f5 and again, everything back to normal.

I hope that if you find yourself with this problem that this method will fix the problem for you too. Please note that this tip worked for me on my site but I take no responsibility for any problems that you might experience if you try the same tip on your own site.

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