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AlisonMy name is Alison Graham, I live in the UK and my background is in offline Sales and Marketing. Since I first started my online learning and earning journey in April 2010, I found I was constantly asking “How do I” – the problem then was “How do I find out how to” – hence the name of this site.

I have been so lucky to find some really great online marketers to help me to learn and to earn. I have also done a lot of research for myself and my aim is to add information to this site about all the tips, tools and resources I have found online and elsewhere.

Online Internet Marketing will be the main part of this site, but I have also gathered other interesting and useful information and plan to add this too. The Internet has been my first choice for information for a long time now.  I use it to find out how to make something, how to mend something, how to do something.  I use if for business and for leisure,  when planning a holiday, a journey, a celebration. I use it, when I really need to find something out quickly, or because I want to find out more about a subject that interests me.

Thanks to a great deal of help and a lot of hours spent in front of my screen, I am now earning a part-time income online and intend to grow this to a full time income before too long!

I hope you will find the information on this site helpful and if you have hints and tips to share or would like me to feature a product or service that will be of help to internet marketers please let me know!

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