Use Google Webmaster Tools To Laser Target Your Backlinks

Google Webmaster Tools is an amazing resource for anyone serious about gaining page 1 rankings on Google.

This is how I target my backlinking, using the data provided by Google in the ‘Search Queries’ section of Webmaster Tools. In this article I am going to show you how, using Google Webmaster Tools to laser target backlinking campaigns, you can uncover high search volume keyword phrases you already have some ranking for (maybe already some on page 1!) and which it would be easy to boost your ranking for.

First of all, when you log into Google Webmaster Tools, on your dashboard for each of your sites, you will see a section titled Search Queries showing the keyword phrases with the largest number of impressions and the number of times your pages received a ‘click’ for those phrases. Beneath these top ones, is a link ‘more>’. If you click on this, you will see a complete listing for the past month.

The headings along the top are pretty self-explanatory:-
Query, Impressions, Change, Clicks, Change, CTR, Change, Avg. Position, Change

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the link that says ‘download this table
This downloads all the data as a csv file which you can open with an excel spreadsheet.

Now the fun begins, how to get those keyword phrases for your laser targeted backlinks!

First of all, open the spreadsheet and delete the top two lines which are not part of the data, so that you have those headings as your first row. The headings now become your column headings so first of all, do a ‘custom sort’ on the spreadsheet column ‘impressions’.

custom sortBecause there will be a large number of results with <10 (less than 10), you cannot sort this column from largest to smallest straight away, choose the A-Z sort and this will put all the <10 results at the bottom. Delete these rows from your spreadsheet by just selecting all the lower value ones and hitting the ‘delete’ button. Then redo the sort, this time the data in the column will be recognized as numerical data so you can sort largest to smallest – so you will have the keywords with the highest number of search queries at the top.

This gives you the keyword phrases that are getting the most searches – you need to decide which ones you are going to reject – I usually reject 500 or below (unless of course there are some in the 300-500 region which I know are great adsense earners!). Delete these rows from your spreadsheet by just selecting all the lower value ones and hitting the ‘delete’ button.

Now you have a much shorter list, with just the high search number keyword phrases. Now do another custom sort, this time, on ‘avg position’ column – this time, from low to high. This will give you the list of keywords in the order you are ranking for them. In other words, if you have any keywords that you are ranking #1 for, these will be at the top of the list.

sort avg position

Now I can decide which of these I want to use in my next backlinking campaign. In the example I have chosen those keyword phrases that I am already ranking in the top 20 for – a bit of a push should have all these on the front page and earning me some money.

keywords for campaign

You now need to establish exactly which page on your site is ranking for these keyword phrases, so for this, you can either key in each phrase to google, one at a time and check your ranking page (you will know roughly where to find it based on the average position from the google data. As an alternative, if you have Market Samurai, it is really easy to do a ranking check on your domain and add those keywords and find out exactly which url, each one is ranking on. Then just copy and paste the information into notepad and construct your resource boxes, or hyperlinks ready for inserting in your article marketing, blog comments or wherever or however you are building your links.

So there you have it, laser-targeted backlinks on keyword phrases that your site is easily going to get ranked on page 1 if not #1 for – the more keywords your site is ranking for, the better it does – stick at it!

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