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Google Webmaster Tools is a resource that I am only just beginning to get to grips with! I was asking a friend with a lot more online experience the other day about something that I was very confused about.

If you go to webmaster tools and from the menu on the left hand side, choose the ‘your site on the web’ option and then ‘search queries’ you get a choice of two pages, one for ‘top queries’ for the site the other for ‘top pages’(in terms of the number of visits). I was confused on the ‘top queries’ page because under the graph was a series of stats for ‘Queries’ ‘Impressions’ and ‘Clicks’. Please see the screenshot below to explain what I mean.

webmaster tools

I tried to find out online what these meant and only got more confused so, as I say, I asked my friend what these figures meant as it didn’t seem to have any relevance to the adsense earnings I have been getting from this site! On the image above, you can see that the figure for Queries is 1,705 and the number of Impressions is an impressive 75,000 – my friend explained that the Queries figure is the total number of search terms relevant to my site were keyed into the Google search engine.

The number of impressions is the number of times my site showed up somewhere in the results – which sounds great until we get to the Clicks statistic which is showing 1,300! This figure represents the number that someone clicked through to my site because one of my pages showed up high enough in the rankings for them to be able to find it!

Two things about this, first of all, I am pretty pleased that a site I started only a few months ago with not very much online experience is getting this number of visitors in a month from Google (of course there are also other visitors from elsewhere, other search engines, referred traffic from links elsewhere on the web and so on). Secondly, the 75,000 searches that my site was relevant to, shows me the potential there is for growth in my traffic if I keep at it and keep increasing the number of search terms the site is ranking for.

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