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Since I first started my internet marketing journey, I have found several ways to start making money online. I was lucky enough early on, to find Internet Marketer, Shane Melaugh who probably saved me a fortune in buying tools, software and courses by ‘gurus’ who promise much and deliver little and are a trap for the unwary ‘newbie’ online!

make money onlineI will tell you more about Shane in another post as this page is intended to be an overview of what I am currently doing to earn money on the internet. I think the thing that I found out early on was that in order to be successful, focus is absolutely key – flitting from one scheme or system to another simply does not work. You have to allow time for any strategy to start yielding results and the ‘get rich overnight’ schemes that promise a lot of money for very little effort just do not work – they say that the only people sure to make money in the gold rush, were the people selling the shovels – and these ‘gurus’ are the shovel sellers, making big bucks from us ‘newbies’ and banking the profits!

I started out writing on HubPages and have built a nice little part time income from Google Adsense and from the Amazon Affiliate program. Yes, I know that HubPages take 40% of the advertisement income – and I get 60% but it is so much easier to get a page ranked on Hubpages which is already a pr6 Authority site than it is to get the same information ranked on a little start-up site with no pr at all. Hubpages also have their own HubPages Ad Program which will give all hubbers the opportunity to join and provided they have an Adsense account is expected to boost earnings by around 60%.

How To Join HubPages And Publish Your First Hub

You can easily join Hubpages by following this link to the signup page https://hubpages.com/user/new/ (not an affiliate link!). Once you have your account there is a huge amount of information in the Hubpages learning center that will take you through everything you need to know to get your first hub published.

start earning money online todayI also write articles for other people. This is a way to earn money, regular money too by signing up with one of the content providers online or by finding a freelance job at a site like Problogger. I was lucky enough to find an advertisement from someone wanting articles on trade shows, a subject that I knew quite a bit about already so it was easy to get started. This is just one of the ways to start making money online. Check out the problogger jobs board for yourself – you may be surprised at what is available. I will be publishing more information about sites where you can get online writing jobs.

In 2012, I started my own article writing service on a freelance basis and now have customers in several countries. You can find out more about my article writing service on my Wincanton Web Services Site.

As I mentioned with HubPages above, I earn through the Google Adsense program. You can find out more about this here. Joining HubPages and writing a couple of Hubs and then applying to the Adsense program is one of the quickest ways I know of getting a Google Adsense account approved quickly. Since I got my account, I have been building my own websites and monetizing them this way. More recently, I have joined Amazon and Commission Junction as an affiliate and am able to start including advertisements on my site to earn commissions when someone makes a purchase through a link I have provided.

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